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in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

Massachusetts College 
of Liberal Arts 



- ..,11 *„, s 

«"r ! ' © 


Dear Members of the Class of 2010: 

On behalf of the Trustees, faculty, and staff of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, I am pleased to 
congratulate you on your graduation from MCLA. 

You should be proud of the baccalaureate or master's degree you earned from MCLA. This is a 
significant accomplishment, one that will prove valuable to you as you pursue your career or continue 
your education. It represents countless hours of study, a willingness to explore new ideas, and a 
commitment to challenging yourself. It is also a symbol of the friendships you made, the connections you 
built with your professors, and the leadership you demonstrated in clubs, activities, and athletic teams. 
For many of you, your degree is a mark of your ability to balance work and family commitments while 
pursuing your education. 

As you begin the next chapter of your lives and careers, I hope you will look back at your time at MCLA 
with fondness. Please keep in touch and visit often. Our alumni are great role models for the next 
generations of students. You are the best examples we have of how an MCLA education prepares you to 

Everyone here at the College wishes the best for you in all your future endeavors. I wish you every 
success and look forward to calling you fellow alumni. 


A Message from the President 

Class of 2010 

Ashley Correia 
Tabitha Cruz 

Joshua Derby 

Just about a month from now I'm set adrift, with a diploma for a 
sail and lots of nerve for oars. - Richard Halliburton 

Casey Devlin 

John Downey 

April Dunham 

Katherine Dupuy 

Aimee Edwards 

Myles Ellison 

Gabriella Fernandez 

Darren Fitzgerald 

Laura Fitzgerald 

Kelly Flanagan 

Don Frain 

Derek Gibbons 

Danielle Gismondi 

Kate Grady 

Lucy Hampton 

Stephanie Hendricks 

Sarah Holman 

Brian Hubert 

Timothy Hughes 

April Johnson 

Jason Kaufman 

Ashley Kitchen-Sweet 

Nhi Lam 

Nicholas Langner 

Laura Lantigua 

Stephanie Lighten 

Kelly Lindberg 

Yaneldys Lopez 

Justin Luciani 

Jared Martin 



Aliesha Mason 

Sarah Maust 

\£^ 1 

Christina Mbaka-Mouyeme 


Harmony McGorman 

Jacob Mendelsohn 

fr r* * r ~7Y 

Gail Miller 

AV ' ' 

Lauren Miller 

V* - " ■ 

Jennifer Millien 
William Mondia 
Francis Mundo 

Leann O'Brien 
Cassandra O'Toole 
Jacqui Panasian 
Joseph Paoletti 
Christopher Pataky 

Nicole Pedercini 
Alex Poulin 
Matthew Resio 
Kara Rizza 
Sarah Robischon 

Caylin Rosenblum 
Patrick Ryan 
Lucy Sacco 
Kat Sanford 
Marcella Saunders 

Sara Scully 
Amanda Shakar 
Meaghan Shea 
Laura Silverman 
Robert Skerry 

Mark Sprague 

Michelle Strumeyer 

Megan Tainter 

Marvin Thompson 

Adriana Trabakino 

Ryan Tusko 

Erica Varieur 

Cecelia von Tiesenhausen-Hush 

Jacklyn Vye 

Eric Wall 

Victoria Wickles 

"Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day 

you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on 

until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, 

you'll make a difference." - Arie Pencovici 

Faculty and Staff 

Clubs & Organizations 

"Put a grain of 
boldness into 
everything you 

~Baltasar Gracian 

Student Government Association 

Executive Board 

President: Jameek Clovie 

Executive Vice President: Keifer Gammell 

Coordinating Vice President: Maggie Rolla 

Treasurer: Jason Kaufman 

Parlimentarian: Rachel Seklecki 

Senate Chair: Jacqui Panasian 

Secretary: Jaynelle Bellemore 

Public Relations: Jess Krason 

Student Trustee: Jade Prickett 


Deb Ambroseno, Kristen Banks. 

Catt Chaput, Brandon Clinton, 

Katie Collins, Jason Brown, 

Laticia Brown, Ken Davol, 

Ashley Franco, Todd Foy, 

Costia Karolinski, Nico Mendez, 

William Mondia, Marvin Thompson. 

Hawa Umarova 

v nri ^ 

Class of 2010 

President: Deb Ambroseno 

Vice President: Ben Warren 

Treasurer: Jason Kaufman 

Secretary: Laura Gibson 

Class of 2011 

President: Keifer Gammell 

Vice President: Katie Collins 

Treasurer: Jess Krason 

Secretary: Jacqui Panasian 

Class of 2012 

President: Todd Foy 

Vice President: Hawa Umarova 

Treasurer: Nora Weiss 

Secretary: Jaynelle Bellemore 

Class of 2013: 

President: Lizzy Mullen 
Vice President: Elise Muren 

Treasurer: Alyson Carey 
Secretary: Dennise Carranzo 


Student Activities Council 

President: Jenny Lamb 

Secretary: Marlene Romero 

Treasurer: Nico Mendez 

Public Relations: Katie Collins 

Comedy Stop: Sean Snead 

Saturday Night Spotlight: Hawa Umarova 

Destinations: Shaney Crafts 

Concerts: Vanessa Leikvoll 

Technical Services: Brandon Clinton 

Colleges Against Cancer 

President: Todd Foy 

Vice President: Anita Parker 

Treasurer: Daniel Anderson 

Secretary: Lindsay Green 

Public Relations: Meghan McMahon 


1 !?J- 'JnAjL- *-Jr -j^v 

1 It 


President: Monique Symes 

Vice President: Jamila Creswell 

Treasurer: Esther Fan Fan 

Secretaries: Tasha Berroa & Ashton Darrett 


Dance Company 

Co-Presidents: Kat Sanford Scjamal Ahamad 

Vice President: Rebecca Clemons 

Treasurer: Amanda Lane 

Secretary: Kate Adams 



Co-Presidents: Mike Geary 8c Kate Heemsoth 

Vice President: Conor Moroney 

Treasurer: Brittany Shea 

Secretary: Megan Tainter 

Coalition of Lawn Recreation 

Co-Presidents: Ben Leahy & James Maloney 

Vice President: Ted Randall 

Treasurer: MilesThomas-Moore 

Secretary: Kevin Tappin 


Biology Club 

President: Anita Parker 

Vice President: Ann Scott 

Treasurer: Lakin Morris 

Secretary: Mel Shepard 

Good Vibes 



Political Science Club 

President: Timothy Bickel 

Vice President: Ed Damon 

Treasurer: Lizbeth Penney 

Secretary: Elizabeth Guarino 

President: Calvin Shade 

Vice President: Christopher Pataky 

Treasurer: Adam Brunelle 

Secretary: Rachel Labare 

National Broadcasting Society 

Multiculural Student Society 

President: Gina Wagner 

Vice President: Kim Pincus 

Treasurer: Shataya Pride 

Secretary: Brian Hubert 

Chess Club 

President: Shelby Giaccarini 

Vice President: Zachariah Randall 

Treasurer: Ben Gunness 

Secretary: Christoper Bonasia 

President: Tasha Robinson 

Vice President: Anita Parker 

Treasurer: Robin Clapper 

Secretary: Kayla Hollins 



Voices of Unity 

Black Student Union 

Co-Presidents: Ashton Darret & Esther Fan Fan 
Vice President: Ryan Howard 

Treasurer: Dezee Olivo 
Secretary: Michael Obasohan 

President: Ashton Darrett 

Vice President: Samantha Bey 

Treasurer: Shabori Burton 

Secretary: Roberta Campbell 


Presidents: Kristin Blain 

Vice President: Meghan Zaremba 

Treasurer: Lily Cardaropoli 

Secretary: Melissa Wolfert 

istory Society 

President: Alex Hogue 

Vice President: Christopher Pataky 

Treasurer: Savannah Araujo 

Secretary: Chelsea Levine 

Photography Club 

President: Alex Massar 

Vice President: Jason Peabody 

Treasurer: Lauren Shea 

Secretary: Stephanie Naffah 


The Beacon 

Ediotr in Chief: Kaite Bonneville (Fall) and Billy 
Shannon (Spring) 

President: Charles Schnitzlein 
Vice President: Kari Brissell 

Treasurer: Mike Gioja 
Secretary: Richard Isabelle 


President: Jaclyn McGrath 

Vice President: Edward Labshere 

Secretary: Rachel Labare 

President: Brianna Inguanti 

Vice President: Jon DelSordo 

Treasurer: Justin Dolan 

Secretary: Kate Sullivan 

Computer Society 

President: April Johnson 

Vice President: Justin McGuirk 

Treasurer: Michael Brennan 

Secretary: Sean Ezrol 


Christian Fellowship 

President: Katherina Chhay 

Treasurer: Jennifer Momaney 

Secretary: Jesse Clark 

President: Joanna Finfer 
Vice President: Sarit Mizrachi 

Treasurer: Leah Rice 
Secretary: Michelle Strumeyer 

"Critical Failure 

Vice President: Carli McGurn 
Treasurer: Nate Pichette 
Secretary: Blake Barone 

Latin American Society 

President: Tasha Berroa 

Vice President: Jamila Creswell 

Treasurer: Shabori Burton 

Secretary: Jenny Rosario 

Lacrosse Club 

President: Cecelia v.T.-Hush 

Vice President: Gaby Fernandez 

Treasurer: Meghan Shea 

Secretary: Chiara Morrison 


Boxing Club 

President: Jimmy Sheridan 

Vice President: James DePina 

Treasurer: Siobhan Tripp 

Secretary: Nathan Pichette 

Akido Club 

President: Nathan Crowell 

Vice President: Daniel Goldberg 

Treasurer: Megan Cronin 

Secretary: Krystyna Hall 

President: Kayla Whitcomb 

Vice President: Shanelle Garland 

Treasurer: Makayla Lemaire 

Secretary: Jess Fratus 


Outdoor Trailblazers 

Anime Club 

President: Melanie Coombs 

Vice President: Emily Yuskaitis 

Treasurer: Samantha Woodward 

Secretary: Kathleen Booth 

Book Club 

President: Nhi Lam 

Vice President: Lucy Hampton 

Treasurer: Katie Bodnar 

Secretary: Kim Tran 

President: Melissa Wolfert 

Vice President: Melanie Coombs 

Treasurer: Melissa DeGenova 

Secretary: Laura Krebs 


Student Leadership 

"Leaders are 

visionaries with a 

poorly developed 

sense of fear and no 

concept of the odds 

against them." - 

Robert Jarvik 


Orientation Leaders 

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team 
work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." 

- Vince Lombardi 

Hawa Umarova 

Ashton Darrett 

Justin Vanderpoole 

Ben Warren 
Jaynelle Bellemore 

Sam Chase 

Michael Obasohan 

Gina Wagner 




Residential Life 

Berkshire Towers: 

Flagg Townhouses: 

Hawa Umarova 

Jason Kaufman 

Kristy McCluskey 
Drew Davis 

Monique Symes 
Sarah Plummer 

Jill Gregoriou 
Kate Stanton 

Amanda Kenney 
Kayla Maxwell 

Corey Brown 
Michelle Webb 

Steph Aprilliano 
Ali Volk 

Rachel Barrett 

Hoosac Hall: 

Kevin Seeley 
Jordan Maynard 
Katelynn Larson 
Marlene Romero 

Stephanie Esposito 
Katie Bodnar 


Hoosac Spirit 

- Recyclable 
Fashion Show 

- Harbor Idol 

- Bake Off & 
Dance Off 

- Dodgeball 

- Musical Chairs 

- Graffiti Night 
Festivus for the Rest 

of Us 

- How 'bout Them 


- Super Bowl Party 

- 80's Dance Party 

- Luau 

- View from the 


- Fudgin' Fridays 
- Super Sundae 

- Boo Bash 
Lil' Sibs Overnight 

- Valentine's Day 


- Campus Center 


- Familv Dinner 

- Stress Canes and 
Candy Balls 

- Sugar Break 

- Cookies and 


- Taco Tuesday 
- Mac 'n' Cheese 


- Relaxing with 
Jimmy 6c Jacqui 


Peer Advisors 

Adam Duchemin, Costia Karolinski, 
Megan Tainter, Benjamin Warren, Sarah 
Holman, Jenna Hoag, Chelsy Baker, 
Katie Collins, Elizabeth Puree, Kayla 
Whitcomb, Jacqui Panasian, Brittany 

Shea, Eric Edmonds, Meghan 

McMahon, Kara Ward, Kristen Banks, 

Jaclyn Ford, Ashton Darrett, Maggie 

Rolla, Chelsey Burke, Jade Prickett, Deb 

Ambroseno, Bob Skerry, Kaitlyn 

Bonneville, Nadyne Damas, Brianna 

Inguanti, Brandon Clinton, Esther Fan 

Fan, Shabori Burton, Evanna Huda, 

Ashley Franco, Keifer Gammell, Michael 

Obasohan, Pat Moran, Justin 

Vanderpoole, Joanna Gillis, 

Tasha Robinson 


Student Ambassadors 

Nico Mendez 

Kaite Bonneville Brandon Clinton 

Jackie Nash 

Alexander Munoz Jessica Nestell 





Women's Soccer 

Men's Soccer 

Women's Cross Country 

Men's Cross Country 

Men's Golf 

Women's Tennis 

Men's Basketball 

Women's Basketball 

Men's Baseball 

Women's Softball 

Althletic Photo Credits to Ian Grey Photography 


^^ "* 


Women's Soccer 


I Jen Wehner '12 Cooperstown, NY 
2 Jess Tietgens '10 Stamford, VT 

3 Lindsay Borbolla '13 Greenwich, NY 

4 Jade Prickett '10 Westhampton, MA 
5 Samantha Miller '1 1 Reading, MA 

6 Shannon Maloney '13 Chesire, MA 

7 Kaitlyn Dano '12 Schoharie, NY 

8 Brianna Bresett '13 Adams, MA 

9 Kasie Harrington '13 Dalton, MA 

10 Gaby Fernandez '10 New Hyde Park, NY 

I I Erin Bourque '10 Amerbury, MA 
12 Hailee Pasa '13 Davenport, NY 

13 Jackie Nash '12 Norton, MA 

14 Danielle Parentaeu '11 South Hampton, MA 

16 Lizzy Ryan '1 1 New Bedford, MA 

17 Harmony McGorman '10 Orleans, MA 

18 Keisha Devoe '13 Haverhill, MA 

19 Lauren Fender '13 Plymouth, MA 

20 Karrah Chapman '12 Rochdale, MA 

21 Brianna Dandurant '13 Amesbury, MA 

22 Chelsea Beauchemin '13 Adams, MA 
23 Lauren Ford '12 Voorheesville, NY 

24 Meg Wenk '13 Chatham, NY 

26 Cece v.T.-Hush '10 Arlington, VT 

27 Kate Tsapatsaris '13 Peabody, MA 


Men's Soccer 


Allan Krause '13 Stony Point, NY 

1 Sean Teehan '10 Belchertown, MA 

2 Robert Dalby '13 Ludlow, MA 

3 John McCarthy '10 Chicopee, MA 

4 Dan Saunders '12 Tewksbury, MA 
5 Tom Duplisea '12 Saugus, MA 

6 Richard Massey '12 Cheshire, MA 

7 Israel Diaz '10 Yonkers, NY 

8 Ben Twomey '10 Dalton, MA 
9 Joe Deady '10 Belchertown, MA 

10 Austin Sniezek '12 Peru, MA 

11 Mitchell Maselli '11 Clarksbury, MA 

12 Tedd Cecchetelli '13 West Springfield, MA 

13 Jake McCall '13 Lincoln, Rl 

14 Gary D'Annunzio '12 Valley Stream, NY 

15 Casey Baker '1 1 Hudson, OH 

17 Mike Rowland '1 1 Corinth, NY 

18 Ryan Shewchuk '13 Springfield, MA 

19 Jordan Hoofnagle '13 Peabody, MA 
20 Leo Worcester '13 Haverhill, MA 

21 Josh Dickinson '13 South Hadley, MA 

22PatEndy'13Catskill, NY 

23 Charles Donavan-Martin '12 Apalachin, NY 

24 Alex Levine '13 Island Park, NY 

26 Liroy Ozinci '12 Plainview, NY 

27 Scott Winslow '13 Lincoln, Rl 
30 Evan Coe '10 Hopewell Junction, NY 

33 Adam Tarsa '1 1 Adams, MA 

42 George Sullivan '13 Milton, MA 

43 Brady Downey Clarksbury, MA 


Women's Tennis 

"%ff «k 289S695! 


Kristen Banks '10 Norton, MA 

Katie Bodnar '10 Pittsfield, MA 

Jessica Guay '13 

Laura Laureano '13 Lawrence, MA 

Katherine Marchand '13 Quincy, MA 

Emily Minns '13 Gardner, MA 

Carrie Richards '12 Ludlow, MA 


Men's Golf 


Matt Anderson '10 Northbridge, MA 

Matt Babeu '11 Adams, MA 

Adam Ciborowski '11 West Springflied, MA 

Sean Cota '13 Adams, MA 

Kyle Gonthier '11 Westfield, MA 

Shane Ortega "12 Pittsfield, MA 

Andrew Polidoro '12 Pittsfield, MA 

Colin Topham '12 Natick, MA 


Cross Country 


■ **L 

_^^ ^^ 



m 4 

f^Ki ft 


*. /^ 





Walter Bouchard '12 
West Boylston, MA 

NickCurelop '10 
Athol, MA 

David (Max) Eve '12 

William Leahy '13 
Waltham, MA 

James Maloney '11 
Medway, MA 

Jonathan Pierre '13 
Cambridge, MA 

Nicholas Raby '11 
Danvers, MA 

Benjamin Warren '10 

West Springfield,MA 


Amelia Cahillane '11 
Hatfield, MA 

Caitlin Culver '12 
Johnsonville, NY 

Xhirley Gonzalez '11 
North Adams, MA 

Emily Johnson '11 
Winchendon, MA 

Sam Piragis '12 
New Salem, MA 

Jennifer Smaltz '12 
Paxton, Ma 

Jessica Smosky '11 
North Adams, MA 

Rachel Wright '11 
Valatie, NY 


Women's Volleyball 


I Collene Black ' 13 Plympton, MA 
2 Amanda Borsotti '11 Lee, MA 

3 Hayley Gundersen '12 Gansevoort, NY 

4 Marta Brown Glens Falls, NY 

5 Dana Judge '13 Colonie, NY 

6 Alexandria Stasio '13 Haverill, MA 

8 Kayla Bromback '12 Lee, MA 

9 Ashley Schuster '13 Lansing, NY 

10 Christina Kidd '11 Glens Falls, NY 

II Amanda Lane '11 Swansea, MA 
13 Tasha Berroa '11 Brooklyn, NY 

14 Stephanie Carone '11 North Attleboro, MA 

15 Wendy Norcross '10 Rowe, MA 

17 Sarah Greenwood '13 Northfield, MA 


Women's Basketball 


10 Alie Dobrovolc '12 Little Falls, NY 

12 Johanna Miner '13 Greenfield, MA 

14 Ali Leveille '10 Southampton, MA 

15 Lucy Tremblay '13 East Greenbush, NY 

20 Chelsey Burke '11 Southampton, MA 

22 Jade Prickett '10 Westhampton, MA 

23 Shannon Supczak '13 Palmer, MA 

24 Hilary Perks '11 Saugerties, NY 

30 Olivia McMullen '12 Broadalbin, NY 

32 Jen Wehner '12 Cooperstown, NY 

33 Molly Broda '11 Southampton, MA 

34 Shabori Burton '11 Boston, MA 
35 Laura Silverman '10 Clifton Park, NY 


Men's Basketball 


00 Pat Ryan '10 Woodstock, NY 

3 Mike Perreault '10 Whitinsville, MA 

4 James Rivers '11 Dalton, MA 
5 Kris McLaughlin '11 Pittsfield, MA 

11 Benny Cuprill '11 Albany, NY 

13 Bilal Shabazz '13 Schenectady, NY 

14 E'lon Julien 11 Bronx, NY 

15 Ross Miner '13 Greenfield, MA 

20 Ben Correia '12 Westerly, RI 

21 Marvin Thompson '11 Springfield,MA 

22 Joe Paoletti '10 Orange, MA 
23 Adam Cottrell '13 North Adams, MA 

24 Brendan Kordana '11 Adams, MA 

25 Michael Robinson '12 Springfield, OH 

30 Chris Harris '12 Dorchester, MA 

33 Karl Sims '10 Detroit, MI 

35 Derek Gibbons '10 Rochester, MA 

40 Maurice Brown '13 Bronx, NY 

42 Jon Greenberg '11 Antwerp, Belgium 

50 Tyler Lennox '13 Bernardston, MA 


In Memory of Rolinda Mondesir 

February 10, 1991 - December 8, 2009 

2010 Yearbook Staff 

Editor: Katie Collins '11 

Josh Cugno '12 

Amanda Borsotti '11 

Andrea Whitney '13 

Alyson Carey '13 




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